Teddy Bear

Tittle: Teddy Bear *Sequel to: Kiss Goodbye*
Author: akmanafeera91
Pairing: Kyuwook
Genre: Fluff/Romance
Rating: PG
Summary: Ryeowook wants a teddy bear because it reminds him of a certain someone.

After about 40 minutes at the candy shop, finally Ryeowook pick which one he want. And when I say many…. IT’S TOO MANY! But it’s ok, anything for my Ryeowook. We walk alongside each other for about 20 minutes. We walk, walk and walk with silence but suddenly I feel him stop.

Ryeowook stared at the white teddy bear through the shop window, pressing his face against the clear glass. He smiled, seeing another kid picking up another bear and playing with it, his eyes gleaming with joy.

"Wookie?" a familiar voice called out to him, which made his heart jump.

The older but smaller boy backed away from the store, feeling his face warm up. "Ky-kyuh-kyuhyun-ah..." he stammered, not looking at the said person.

Kyuhyun came beside him and turned his attention towards the display. "What were you looking at?"

"Nothing in particular," Ryeowook answered a bit too quickly. He raised his head only to see Kyuhyun staring back at him. As an instant reaction, he blushed and directed his eyes back to the ground.

"Oh really?" Kyuhyun sounded like he didn't believe Ryeowook.

Ryeowook didn't say anything. He couldn't tell Kyuhyun what he was looking at, it was too embarrassing.

"Wait here," Kyuhyun ordered, going into the store.

All Ryeowook could see is Kyuhyun's back and talked to the saleslady. For some reason, he felt uncomfortable seeing Kyuhyun with another person.

After what seemed to be like forever, Kyuhyun came out with a shopping bag. Ryeowook wanted to ask Kyuhyun what he bought but he was too shy to do that.

"Close your eyes," Kyuhyun told him.

"E-ehhh?" Ryeowook blinked in confusion but obliged, fluttering his eyes closed nervously. What was Kyuhyun planning anyways?

Ryeowook suddenly felt warm fingers wrapping around his small wrist and intuitively pulled back. It wasn't until Kyuhyun's gentle voice filled his ears that he stopped. "Wookie, don't move." His heart was continuously fluttering like crazy at the closeness of Kyuhyun.

Something soft was placed on his hands. "You can open them now."

Ryeowook slowly opened them to see the white teddy bear he was looking at earlier. His eyes widen in surprise. "H-how did you..." he trailed off, not quite sure in what to say.

Kyuhyun smiled, making Ryeowook's cheeks turn red. "You're welcome."

Happiness washed over Ryeowook and he pressed the teddy bear against his chest, cuddling with it. "I... will treasure this... since Kyu-kyuhyunnie gave it to me." He squished the bear against his cheek, feeling the soft material brush against his face.

"When did you start liking teddy anyways?" Kyuhyun asked, ruffling the older boy hair affectionately.

Ryeowook hugged the bear tighter. "Ever since... I l-liked Kyuhyunnie..." he confessed with almost an inaudible voice. When the words came out out, his face was burning hot. "Ah... n-no... I didn't s-say anything... just ignore what I s-said..." He hoped that Kyuhyun didn't hear those words. What if Kyuhyun didn't like him back? That would just be unbearable.

Before he could go into panic mode, Kyuhyun pulled Ryeowook into his arms. Kyuhyun's scent overwhelmed Ryeowook and the older boy felt dazed. "Kyu-ah...?"

Before Ryeowook's heart could beat any faster than it already was already, Kyuhyun pulled back and then leaned in, brushing their lips together. "I like Wookie, too," Kyuhyun murmured after.

Ryeowook wasn't so sure how to react except to feel self conscious and turn five shades of red. He glomped Kyuhyun's present, hiding his face behind it.

"You're seriously too cute," Kyuhyun commented, eyes full of amusement as he took one of Ryeowook's small hands into his own. "Make sure you don't drop the bear."

Ryeowook nodded happily. They both started to head back to their house.

"What are you going to name the bear anyways?" Kyuhyun asked along the way.


The candy’s are all forgotten… a long time ago ^^


Note – another failure *sign* Gosh.. it’s hard to get an idea uh? =.= Please don’t kill me. And OH! This is actually part 2 of Kiss Goodbye. Thank you for reading!
meaning of love


I know.. I know it’s been like what? 6 freaking month? *sign* I’m so sorry guys for not update my story. My collage are killing me but you know what? I’M BACK! This is my comeback drabble. Maybe I will update “Believe” soon or maybe not? I still don’t know how to continue it. I got a lot of new story in my mind right now. So, before you think im ‘die’ already, I’ll post this. Hope you like it.

Tittle: Kiss Goodbye… or NOT?
Pairing: Kyuwook + Mr Park (Leeteuk), KangTeuk
Synopsis: Kyuhyun going to leave Ryeowook?
Genre: (surprise?)

“No..no..ple..ase..plea..se..don’t..leave..me kyu”
Ryeowook keep sobbing and cling his small body near to Kyuhyun.
“*sign*Wookie please? This is the best. I need to do this.. you can’t be like this”
Kyuhyun calm Ryeowook down but fail. Ryeowook keep sobbing like little kid in his arms
“ple..*hiccup*..ase..plea..se..*hiccup*..you..promise that..you..*hiccup*will never.. leave.. me..alone..any..more..*hiccup*”
“This is for the best, goodbye Ryeowook”
Before Ryeowook can finish his words, he feel soft lips on his lips.
“For the last…that’s my kiss goodbye my dear”
Kyuhyun leave. Ryeowook keep sobbing and sobbing harder when he see someone that not Kyuhyun got near and touch him. He scream and scream and scream until the guy give something to him…
(30 minutes later)
“There you go. You being a good boy Ryeowook” The dentist a.k.a Doctor Park praise Ryeowook good behavior.
Ryeowook smile and giggle when Doctor Park pitch his cheek
“How’s my Wookie going? Are his teeth still hurt?”
Kyuhyun open the door and ask
Ryeowook scream and run to Kyuhyun and show the candy’s Doctor Park give him (to stop his crying)
Kyuhyun hug Ryeowook and give a smile to Doctor Park
“Your teeth still hurt baby?”
“NOPE!” Ryeowook shake his head and answer cutely
“Kyu! Kyu! Look… it’s purple..!”
Ryeowook still bubbling about his candy’s, make the other two smile at Ryeowook cuteness
Ryeowook really are too cute for them to handle
“Did you still scare of dentist, Wookie?” Kyuhyun smirk because he already know the answer
Ryeowook pout and make a big eyes (Kyuhyun never win against his puppy eyes)
“Ok! Ok! Geezzz Wookie, calm do……….”
Before Kyuhyun can finish his sentence, Ryeowook already grab his hand and pull him to exit door
Doctor Park laughs looking at the cute couple
“I wish one day I will get child like them…” Doctor Park talks in his head (think)
“Ok.. now what I should do now……..”
Doctor Park also run to exit door


Note: Sooooo how is that?? Is this ok as my comeback drabble? I know it’s fail.. Thank you again for reading and I hope I will got comment? Coz comments are like a gift to me ^^

Kyuwook Drabble

Untittle? Wookie first time drabble?
Pairing(s) : Kyuwook, Kangteuk
Length : One-shot
Genre : Fluff (?) Im not sure..
Disclaimer : Need I say more? I love them but they're not mine.
Notes : Angry Umma!Leeteuk


"What's that?" Leeteuk asked, snuggling next to Kangin.

"I think Ryeowook and Kyuhyun are finally doing it."Kangin replies,earning a slap from Leeteuk.


Leeteuk's eyes open as big as they can get.

"Kangin! My baby's getting raped!" Leeteuk said running to the kitchen to get a bat (why do they keep a bat in the kitchen?).

"We have to go save my baby!" Leeteuk scream.

By the time Leeteuk, Kangin, and Yesung (yes Yesung appeared out of nowhere), the moaning and screaming stopped. But Kangin bangged open the door anyways.

They find Ryeowook peacefully asleep with Kyuhyun by his side, with his arm around his waist.


Kyuhyun wakes up just in time to see a shoe flying at him and Leeteuk holding a half-asleep Ryeowook.

"Owwwww Leeteuk hyung! What was that for?"

"For rapeing my son!" Leeteuk yelled, ready to punch Kyuhyun, but was held back by Yesung.

"Umma... He didn't rape me, I asked for it. I hear you and Kangin hyung do it all the time, so I wanted to try it. Its so good umma" Ryeowook said, now fully awake.

"Yes, it does matter Wookie, you my baby wookie. My son." Leeteuk replied, glaring at Kyuhyun.

“BUT IM YOUNGER THEN HIM!” kyuhyun said.

“BUT YOU NOT MY SON” Leeteuk reply angrily.

Leeteuk and Kyuhyun glaring to each other for the perfect 2 minutes.

"I'm going back to bed." Ryeowook said, getting into the bed And snuggling next to Kyuhyun.

"Good night, MY Wookie" Kyuhyun (evil) smirk said making sure to emphasize the MY part.

Note : Im so sorry but this is bad ): I got alot of new idea but i just dont know how to write it.. So i just can give you this for now. I knoe its bad but comment are love <3
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Payback Time (Final)

Payback Time
Length: 5/5
Pairing: KyuWook
Rating: NC-17
Genre: romance, drama, smut, and comedy
Summary: Kim Ryeowook, a 17 year old boy, gets a new job as a maid in an extravagant five-star hotel, and he loves it. He makes new friends along the way, the guests and other employees are extremely nice to him, and best of all, he gets paid! But then one day, everything turns upside down after Ryeowook meets a new guest named Cho Kyuhyun, the president of one of the top modeling agencies of South Korea. While serving him tea, Ryeowook accidentally spills the hot liquid all over his new $1,000 suit. Kyuhyun wants Ryeowook to pay him back, but not with money…

Ryeowook was just about to turn around and walk back to his room to get away from the horrible sight in front of him, when a loud sound stopped his actions.


Kyuhyun slaps the pinky and handsome boy on his cheek, causing a shocked expression to form on the boy’s and Ryeowooks face. What the hell? Ryeowook peeks at the older boy to see his face red and tears forming in his eyes. “Kyuhyun…” the older boy whispered to the younger man. Jealousy was building up in Ryeowook before, but now he can’t help but feel sorry for the older boy. Kyuhyun strokes the shorter boy’s face with the back of his hand.

“I’m so sorry for hitting you Sungmin” Kyuhyun apologized sincerely. “*sniff* It’s okay Kyuhyun, but can’t we please get back together?” Sungmin pleads. The younger man shakes his head, giving Sungmin the message that it can never happen. “I’m really sorry Sungmin, but we were over months ago. And…”

“And?” Sungmin asks politely, still crying. “And, I’m in love with someone else” In love with someone else? Aww, so it’s not me? The older boy nods silently and asks, “So, who’s the lucky man?” Kyuhyun smiled as he said, “Wookie, you can come out now” Oh shit! He knew I was here all this time?!

“Ok…” Ryeowook walked into the laundry room to find an arm snaked around his waist. Ryeowook looked at Sungmin nervously, but was surprised to see no glint of jealousy on his face. Instead, there was a smile on his face. “You’re lucky to have Kyuhyun now Wookie. He’s a good person. Promise me you’ll take care of him?” Ryeowook reassured him but patting him gently on his shoulder. “I promise” Before Sungmin left, he gave Kyuhyun a little goodbye hug and Kyuhyun whispered an “I’m sorry” once again in his ears.

When he left, Kyuhyun pulled Ryeowook for a heated kiss. “Hmm…” Ryeowook moaned in Kyuhyun’s mouth. The younger boy slightly opened his mouth for access of Kyuhyun’s tongue. Kyuhyun happily obliged and began tasting every corner of Ryeowook’s mouth. He then sucked on Ryeowook’s lower lip and bit on it gently, causing it to turn swollen and slightly red. They didn’t want to pull away, but they had to in order to regain their breaths. Without warning, Kyuhyun lunged towards Ryeowook, but he was pushed back. Surprised, he asks the younger boy, “Ryeowook what’s wrong? Do you want to stop?”

Ryeowook shook his head furiously. “No no it’s not that! But, uhmm…did you really mean what you said?” Kyuhyun looked at the young maid, confused. “What do you mean?”

“You know, when you said you loved me?” Tears began to well in Ryeowook’s eyes. He was too happy. He always thought that Kyuhyun was only using him as his sex toy. Kyuhyun chuckled lightly and kissed Ryeowook on his forehead. “Don't you know Ryeowook? Don't you know how much I love you? Ryeowook, I've loved you from the beginning. When you spilled your tea on me, I looked up and saw the most beautiful, sweet, innocent boy, I had ever seen, and I knew then that I'd do anything to have you." Kyuhyun moved his head closer to Ryeowook’s and brushed his lips on his cheeks. “I made you my slut to make sure you would always be with me. I love you so much.”

Ryeowook couldn’t take it anymore. He let his tears trail down his face. But they soon disappeared as Kyuhyun kissed them all away. He grabs Ryeowook’s wrist lightly, and leads him to the inside of his room. He turns to the younger man and starts kissing him hard. Kyuhyun hears Ryeowook’s intake of breath and lets his mouth trail from his lips to his neck. His hands come to Ryeowook’s pants undoing them and pushing them to his knees. He kneeled down and took his hot cock into his mouth. Heat meets moistness and Ryeowook moans. He feel Ryeowook's hands in his hair as he sucks him hard, letting him slide in deep. Relaxing his throat muscles Kyuhyun takes him in deeper, his tip hitting the back of his throat making him gag a little. But, he sucks him faster as Kyuhyun feel him swell and then coming in his mouth.
Standing, Kyuhyun turns him and has him get on his hands and knees, while he unbuttons his pants pulling them and his boxers down to his ankles. All he could think about was giving Ryeowook pleasure. Kyuhyun slicked his fingers up and slowly slide one into Ryeowook's tight entrance. He wants to let loose and just fuck the hell out of him, but he'll be gentle...for a while. Kyuhyun gently prepare him, waiting until he's ready for him. Ryeowook moans out and bares down on his fingers.

Smiling, "Are you ready Ryeowook?" Ryeowook shakes his head yes, "Kyuhyun, now. Come into me now!" Not waiting another second, Kyuhyun slide into him, filling him to the hilt. The older man stilled as he gives him time to get use to him. Kyuhyun feels his warmth surrounding him and couldn't hold it anymore. "Wookie, I'm moving now." Kyuhyun groans out to him as he moves the tiniest bit in him. Ryeowook moves forward and slams back on him.

"Kyuhyun...move! Make it hard!" Kyuhyun slides out till just the tip is in Ryeowook, he grabs his hips and thrust into him, their skin slapping together as Kyuhyun slams into him. Ryeowook groans out again as he moves in him repeatedly, bringing them closer and closer to release. Kyuhyun feels tingles working at the base of his spine, moving up and out then down his legs. "Ryeowook! Ahhh...!" he cries out as he feels his body start to release. Hold on for a few minutes longer giving Ryeowook a chance to come first, and he hears his hoarse cry as he came on his stomach and finally, he releases into him, moaning out his name. He stayed kneeled behind Ryeowook, not removing himself from him just yet. Kyuhyun’s still hard and wants a second round, but he slipped out, knowing that Ryeowook probably wasn't ready for another round just yet. Kyuhyun stands up, fixing his clothes, then helps Ryeowook up and helps him straighten his clothes up. Ryeowook looks at him and then smiled shyly. "Kyuhyun, I love you." he whispered as he hugged him. Kyuhyun laughed and squeezed him tight to him. “Kyuhyun?”


“Do I still have to pay you back for the suit?”

The end.

Note – Im so sorry for the late update. So sorry. Im so buzy with my assignment. Sorry again and hope this is good ending for all of you. Again, thankx you to MinhoLover unnie for this great story.
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Payback Time (Part 4)

Payback Time
Length: 4/5
Pairing: KyuWook
Rating: NC-17
Genre: romance, drama, smut, and comedy
Summary: Kim Ryeowook, a 17 year old boy, gets a new job as a maid in an extravagant five-star hotel, and he loves it. He makes new friends along the way, the guests and other employees are extremely nice to him, and best of all, he gets paid! But then one day, everything turns upside down after Ryeowook meets a new guest named Cho Kyuhyun, the president of one of the top modeling agencies of South Korea. While serving him tea, Ryeowook accidentally spills the hot liquid all over his new $1,000 suit. Kyuhyun wants Ryeowook to pay him back, but not with money…
Note/Credit : This is totally 100% NOT MINE! Thankx to minholover unnie for giving me permision to continue posting this story.

“Ahh…ahh!” Kyuhyun was smirking as he carefully observed Ryeowook’s actions on his TV. What Ryeowook didn’t know was that Kyuhyun set up a camera in his room so he could see every, single, thing that the younger boy was doing. Kyuhyun was really enjoying himself, watching Ryeowook suffering in the other room, a vibrator shoved up his ass and not being able to come because of that dreadful cock ring. “This is nice, this is really nice” The older man thought to himself. Don’t get him wrong, though. He didn’t want to hurt the poor boy. He just wanted him to regret ever messing with Cho Kyuhyun, director of the most famous modeling agency in South Korea.

“Oh God…” Kyuhyun muttered to himself. He himself was getting aroused just from listening to Ryeowook’s moaning coming from the TV. Not to mention looking at Ryeowook’s smoking hot, naked body sprawled on the bed. He wanted to just go into the other room and fuck the living daylights out of Ryeowook. But, he knew he can’t. He must be patient and wait until the younger boy learns his lesson.

Kyuhyun couldn’t take it anymore. He was so turned on by Ryeowook excessive moaning that he began stroking himself until he reached his orgasm. Man, this is gonna be a long night…

Meanwhile in the other room…“Ahh…ahh!” Ryeowook whimpered as the vibrator vibrated incessantly, rubbing mercilessly against his prostate. He glanced down at his cock; it was hard beyond belief and dripping precum. Squirming, Ryeowook bucked his hips into the air, needing friction, needing to relieve himself.

Kyuhyun went about his normal routine, checking his email, making sure the company’s activities were running smoothly. He took a shower, stroking himself to orgasm again, as he thought of Ryeowook, tied up and teased callously in the spare room. After brushing his teeth, Kyuhyun sank into his comfy bed again, taking one last look at Ryeowook.

His slut was quieter than before, but still writhing as the vibrations continued to rack through his body. Kyuhyun turned the vibrations up one more level, grinning as Ryeowook screamed, already approaching his limit. Standing up, Kyuhyun strode out of his bedroom, towards Ryeowook’s room. “A punishment is a punishment, baby. Good night.” He kissed Ryeowook on his lips roughly before pulling away and exiting the younger boy’s room again. He smirked in his sleep as he heard Ryeowook’s endless moans. Hearing the young maid moan was like a lullaby to his ears. Kyuhyun fell asleep instantly.

The next morning, Kyuhyun ate his breakfast leisurely, deliberately dragging Ryeowook’s penalty. He had flipped the vibrations to their highest as soon as he woke up, ensuring that his slut was still awake and aware. Ryeowook was; he had screamed once again as the vibrations hit him, Kyuhyun smiling.

After breakfast, Kyuhyun strolled towards the other room, immensely excited, both sexually and mentally. Upon arriving, he turned the steel doorknob, stepping into the dim-lit room. Kyuhyun waited for his eyes to adjust to the dim lighting coming from the lamp, before advancing on Ryeowook.

Ryeowook held his breath as the door was unbolted, knowing that Kyuhyun was here to complete the punishment. He hoped he had been good enough, not protesting too much to the increasing vibrations. His ears perked up as Kyuhyun stepped in, leather boots click-clacking on the hard cement floor. Kyuhyun stood in front of him, hands folded across his chest once more.

“So Ryeowookie,” the older man began, gaze running over his body. Ryeowook could feel the shivers running up his spine as Kyuhyun’s stare lingered on his erection, which was impossibly hard, red and weeping a river by now. He knew his precum had leaked, dripping onto the ground, and was pretty sure there was already a puddle.

Kyuhyun lifted his gaze to stare right into Ryeowook’s eyes again, continuing, “You’ve been reasonably good. Didn’t come as I punished you last night. Were the vibrations fulfilling?” Ryeowook chewed his inner cheek, before nodding. Truth was, the vibrations did pleasure him immensely, but the simple fact that he wasn’t able to release had dampened his spirits greatly.

“Good,” Kyuhyun strode to the younger boy and removed the cuffs that binded Ryeowook’s wrists together. Ryeowook didn’t move an inch; he just stared blankly at the other man who was now sitting next to him on the bed. Sitting on the bed, Kyuhyun cradled Ryeowook in his lap, planting a kiss on his forehead. “Don’t run away from me, alright?” he whispered, taking Ryeowook’s arousal into his hand, fisting.

Ryeowook squirmed, but he was glad that Kyuhyun was so tender all of a sudden. He cuddled up to the older man and replied, “I will never run away from you again” Kyuhyun slipped off the cock ring, stroking a few times before Ryeowook stiffened, opaque fluid spilling all over his hand. Kyuhyun fisted Ryeowook through his orgasm, other hand running itself through his slut’s hair.

Kyuhyun then lifted Ryeowook from his lap and gently set him onto the bed once again. He leaned over towards the younger boy, cupped his cheeks in his hands, and kissed him passionately. Ryeowook was a little shocked, considering the fact that Kyuhyun always kissed him roughly, but this, he was enjoying a lot. He wrapped his arms around Kyuhyun’s neck and pulled him closer to his heated body. The older man smiled into the kiss. He pulled away after a minute, leaving a disappointed Ryeowook looking up at him. Kyuhyun then took off his shirt slowly, painfully slowly. Ryeowook looked down at himself and realized that he was getting hard again. Kyuhyun saw the direction of the younger man’s stare and chuckled lightly. “Need some help there?” Kyuhyun asked teasingly while resuming to take off his clothes.

Ryeowook nodded eagerly and replied, “Yes please” When Kyuhyun was fully naked like Ryeowook, he leaned over to the younger man again and whispered seductively in his ears, “My pleasure” he captured Ryeowook in another heated kiss, and then he slowly traveled lower towards the younger man’s neck. He then licked his Adam’s apple; making Ryeowook moan out his name. He then trailed his tongue down to his nipples; sucking and licking them. “Ahh…Kyu… Hyun…” He was licking and sucking them, making them into a hard pebble state before moving down. Kyuhyun moved his hand lower and stroked Ryeowook’s rock hard member until he saw precum was seeping out.
Ryeowook jumped a little as he felt Kyuhyun’s mouth replace his hand. Licking the younger man’s tip and slowly licking around his length. He jerked my head back and clenched his hands on the bed sheets as he slowly engulfed Ryeowook cock, taking him into his mouth.
Ryeowook felt him taking him in deeper, increasing the pleasure. He jerked his hips up and down. The younger man was panting and moaning at the same time. Ryeowook grabbed his hair as he was nearing to climax. “Kyu-kyuhyun… I’m about to unnhhh… f-faster… KYUHYUN!” He started to caress his balls and suck faster and harder.
He stopped while stroking Ryeowook cock “Come inside my mouth…” then he quickly took the maid into his mouth and sucked fast and hard while caressing his balls.

Ryeowook felt his stomach tightening up as he was about to come. Kyuhyun started to gently move his balls in circles. The younger man released his hair and clenched his fists up on the bed sheets as he released his load into Kyuhyun’s mouth.
Swallowing and licking every bit that dripped out from his mouth, he slowly trailed his tongue towards Ryeowook’s lips, sending shivers of pleasure into the younger man. He then licked around his lips, and started sucking onto his lower lip. Then he kissed Ryeowook and leaned back. “You taste sweet… Ryeowook.”

He split Ryeowook’s legs open, licking his two fingers and then rubbed the two fingers against his hole. Then slowly inserted the two fingers in. Ryeowook trembled and whimpered in pain. But the pain soon turned into unbearable pleasure.
Kyuhyun played around and inserted his fingers deeper into Ryeowook’s hole until he hit the prostate, which made Ryeowook scream loudly in pleasure. “K-Kyuhyun… p-please… AHH!! S-stop… hah…”

Ryeowook was panting and moaning loudly at the same time while his hands were clenching tightly on the bed sheets. As Kyuhyun was rubbing against Ryeowook’s prostate, Ryeowook jerked his head back and moaned out Kyuhyun’s name. Every time Kyuhyun rubbed his fingers against his prostate; his member would throb and move by itself a little.

He quickly slipped his fingers out then turned Ryeowook around and lifted his legs around his back “Wrap your legs around me” Ryeowook nodded weakly and wrapped his legs around Kyuhyun’s back but they were slowly slipping off.

“Ready?” Ryeowook nodded. Kyuhyun then positioned his member in front of Ryeowook’s hole, and then he slowly slid his cap in, and then slowly inserted his entire member into Ryeowook. Ryeowook winced with slight pain; but as Kyuhyun slowly started to move, the pain turned into pleasure.
Ryeowook then wrapped his legs around Kyuhyun’s back tightly, bending his toes inwards a little. He then wrapped his arms around Kyuhyun’s neck. “Kyuhyun… faster…” the older man reached his hand between them and started stroking Ryeowook’s throbbing member as he thrusted faster.

“Ryeowook…! Ahhh… I’m com-ing!” Kyuhyun moaned out as he thrusted and stroked faster.

They both moaned each other’s names as they came. Ryeowook felt the milk running down top his stomach and Kyuhyun’s milk running down his butt cheeks. Kyuhyun leaned down and kissed Ryeowook before lying and relaxing on the bed. They both lay motionless on the bed for a while before Ryeowook looked at the clock on the dresser beside him. He let out a loud gasp as he jolted out of bed. Kyuhyun jumped as well. “What’s wrong?” Kyuhyun asked. Ryeowook resumed to put on his work clothes before answering, “It’s almost 7:00, the time when I start working.” Ryeowook explained. Kyuhyun let out a disappointed “oh” and got up from bed as well.

As Ryeowook started heading out the door, he stopped as he heard Kyuhyun’s voice behind him. “So, I’ll see you again tonight, right?” Kyuhyun asked Ryeowook sexily. “Uhh, yes, yes of course!” Ryeowook stuttered. “Good” He pulled Ryeowook for another breathtaking kiss before letting go of him. As the younger man went to resume his work, he saw Donghae waiting for him at the front desk smiling like a little boy, “What?” Ryeowook asked, clearly clueless. “Don’t what me! I saw you coming out of Kyuhyun’s room, you bad boy” Donghae smirked as he finished his sentence. Ryeowook flushed a pinkish color and tried to ignore the older boy.

That day, the two young maids had a lot of work on their hands. They had to go through all the rooms in the first and second floor and fold up the bed sheets and vacuum all the rooms clean. Then, they had to clean the bathroom on the third floor. If that wasn’t enough, Ryeowook and Donghae had to mop the hallways. Donghae was terribly annoyed with all the work they had to finish, but Ryeowook didn’t mind one bit. In fact, Ryeowook wasn’t thinking about the work he was doing. He was concentrating on how he would tell Kyuhyun tonight that he loved him. He was a bit scared that Kyuhyun wouldn’t love him back, but he just wanted to let the other man know how he felt about him. When they finally finished, Donghae did a little victory dance and Ryeowook just laughed at his silliness. “Hey hyung, now that we’re done, lets hang out in the lounge.” Ryeowook suggested. He wanted to see Kyuhyun at work, and Donghae had a hunch why Ryeowook wanted to go there. “Ok Wookie!” Donghae agreed and they both head off. When they entered the large room, both of the boys’ jaws dropped at the marvelous sight in front of them.

There they saw at least a hundred people, extremely busy and trying to get everything in order. They saw models wearing weird but very extravagant clothing that left the boys in awe. The most exciting thing they saw was the long runway. “Hey, was that there before?” Donghae asked. “No, I don’t think so” Ryeowook replied smiling. At last, Ryeowook saw Kyuhyun, instructing the models where to go after the presentation and what clothes they must change into. “Wow, Kyuhyun looks like he knows what he’s doing” Donghae remarked, amazed. Ryeowook chuckled and said, “Of course! He isn’t the director for nothing!” Just then, a man bumped against Ryeowook roughly, sending him to the ground. The younger boy quickly got up, brushed himself off, and apologized to the other man. “Sir! I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to--ʺ

Just then the other man, clearly annoyed, glared at Ryeowook. “How dare you bump into me! Do you have any idea who the hell I am?!” Donghae quickly cut in and said boldly, “Now, if memory serves me right, you bumped into Ryeowook” the man glared at Donghae and yelled at him to, “Shut the fuck up!” Donghae, obviously scared, backed away and whimpered a low, “Yes sir” Turning his head back to Ryeowook he yelled furiously, "I’ll teach you a lesson, you low-life scumbag, to never touch me again!” Ryeowook gasped as he saw the man raise his hand towards the younger boy. Shit! He’s gonna beat the shit out of me! Shaking, Ryeowook shut his eyes closed, waiting for the blow. But when it never came, he opened his eyes slowly. He was shocked to see Kyuhyun grasping the other man’s wrist tightly.

“S-sir! I--ʺ Before giving the other man time to explain himself, Kyuhyun punched him hard across his face, sending him to the ground. “Shut up! How dare you try to hit him!” Walking over to Ryeowook, he held him in a tight embrace. As he let go, he asked, “Are you ok? Did he hurt you?” Ryeowook shook his head and replied, “N-no, he didn’t! Thanks to you…” Ryeowook blushed as he finished the last sentence. Kyuhyun chuckled and whispered in his ears, “I’m glad. I would've killed the man if he even laid a finger on you” Ryeowook gulped and Kyuhyun said, “You should probably go now, everyone’s staring.” Ryeowook looked around to see that he was right. Everyone was looking at their direction and it was freaking embarrassing. Turning red, Ryeowook agreed.

“See you tonight” Kyuhyun said before Donghae and Ryeowook left the room. As they shut the door, they both smirked as they heard Kyuhyun yelling, “You’re fired!” to the other man. As they walked away from the lounge, Donghae finally broke the silence between them. “Sheesh! What a jerk! It was a good thing Kyuhyun was there to save you Wookie! Or else you would’ve been smooshed like a pancake!” Ryeowook laughed nervously and said, “Yeah…” Donghae sensed something was wrong and asked, “Wookie? Are you ok?” Ryeowook smiled and nodded at the older boy. “Yeah, I’m fine! Why do you ask?” Donghae raised an eyebrow and said, “Because you look a little glum” Ryeowook stopped walking and so did Donghae when he said, “I don’t know how to tell Kyuhyun that I love him” Donghae laughed as he noticed Ryeowook’s bright red cheeks. “Is that all? Well, you could try telling him this!” Donghae said smiling. “Really? What is it?” Ryeowook asked curiously. “I love you Kyuhyun!” Donghae laughed as Ryeowook hit him on the stomach. “Yeah, that really helped Hae-hyung” Ryeowook said sarcastically.

“So, I guess I’ll be going now” Ryeowook suggested. “Oh, ok then! Good luck with you-know-who!” Donghae said smirking. Ryeowook laughed as he walked away from the little weirdo. By the time he got home, it was already six and he didn’t have a lot of time to pick out an outfit that would best suit Kyuhyun’s taste. After going through his entire wardrobe, he finally found something. “Hmm…this is ok I guess” After slipping on the outfit, he sprayed cologne all over his body and headed out to see Kyuhyun. When he entered the hallway, he heard someone moaning.

When Ryeowook looked inside the laundry room, he saw Kyuhyun kissing another man, who was not so tall, pink shirt, and handsome/preety. Ryeowook felt like his heart broke into a million pieces. I…I can’t believe this…

TBC – Aish! That’s all. Sorry for the longggggggg update. I will send the final part maybe nextweek. Even this is not mine, comment are still love <3. and HAPPY FASTING to all my MUSLIM friends.

My First Challengers

Took from Coregurlz who steal from shihan_ai who steal from hakkais_shadow .... This look fun so i steal it*giggle*. I change it and make all of them pairing with Ryeowook coz he is my bias. Sorry if this suck*blow*. Hope you like it and the drabble is all 100% pure by me. Comment is love*saranghae* <3

Step 1: Write down the names of 10 characters.

1. Ryeowook
2. Kyuhyun
3. Donghae
4. Yesung
5. Sungmin
6. Henry
7. Leeteuk
8. Eunhyuk
9. Hangeng
10. Siwon

Step 2: Write a fic of around twenty five words (but some of them will be more than 25 words coz i don’t know how to stop or cut it and make it 25 words. Mianhe) for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. Do NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.

1. Siwook (1&10)

“Hyung why im not as you?” “You mean?” “Have big body*pout*” “KIM RYEOWOOOKKK!!!!!!!” Ryeowook run from Siwon and start giggle. “MIANHEEE SIWONNN HYUNGGGG!”

2. Hanwook (1&9)

“Hangeng-gege why you must leave?” “Wookie, please not now” “B-but ge..” Ryeowook start cry on Hangeng chess. “Its ok, i’ll visit you sometime. Sleep.” Tired of crying, Ryeowook sleep.

3. Eunwook (1&8)

“Eunhyukkie-Oppaaaaa” Ryeowook hug Eunhyuk. “Ryeowookie im your HYUNG!” “Im pretend to be a gurllllll*pout&giggle*” “*giggle*you so cute Wookie, ok i’ll be your oppa.”

4. Teukwook (1&7)

“UMMAAAAAA!! IM GOING TO DIEEEE!!!!” Ryeowook cry and hug Leeteuk. “Oh come on Wookie-baby! You just have small cut on your finger!” “b-but..*pout*” “Aish, came here, let umma treat it.” “Thanks umma”

5. Henwook (1&6)

“Henri-ah teach me english” “What word you want to know?” “saranghae?” “oh, its i love you.” “i love you?” “Waaaaa Wookie so smart and beautiful*giggle*” “Whats that henri?” “N-nothing hyung! Look hae-hyung calling me” Henry run from confius Ryeowook.

6. Minwook (1&5)

“MINNIEEE-HYUNGGGG I MISSS YOU!” Ryeowook hug Sungmin. “*giggle* Wookie-ah you just be in china for 2 days.” “B-but Wookie already miss Minnie-hyung” “ArasoAraso, Wookie so cute.”

7. Yewook (1&4)

“Yesungie-hyung! I want ice-cream. Kyuhyun finish mineee” “Aish Wookie don’t cry, lets go buy ice-cream.” “Jinjja? Yeahhhhhhh” Ryeowook hug Yesung and start to jump like the cute 5 years old child.

8. Haewook (1&3)

“Fishie-hyung soooo handsome” “Jinjja? Thank you dongsaeng.” Donghae word make Ryeowook pout. “Whattttt?” “You should say im cute hyung*poutpout*” “Aish don’t make face like that,. Ok, Wookie so cute” “*giggle*Thanks Hae-hyung”

9. Kyuwook (1&2)

“KIM RYEOWOOK!!! YOU LET LEETEUK-HYUNG KISS YOU?!” “B-but Teukie-hyung said kiss will make my leg less hurt*pout*” “WHATTT? *evil smile* SOO YOU SHOULD KISS ME NOW!” “Uhhh? W-whyy?” “COZ MY HEART HURT!” “O-okeyyy”

10. Ryeowook (1)

7 years old Ryeowook try to solve a math question. “1+1=2, 2+2=4….10+10=20…20+20=40. WOOOOOOOO! Wookie so smart!!!!” The cute child start to jump and clap his hand with the smile in his face.


1. Heewook (Heechul&Ryeowook)

“Cullie-hyung, Kyuhyun bullied me againnnnn” Ryeowook hug Heechul and cry. “Aish! That brat! Its ok Wookie. Stay here.” “CHO KYUHYUN!!!!!” Ryeowook stop cry and hear Heechul mad at Kyuhyun and he smile. “Heechul-hyung loveee me” He said to himself.

2. Zhauwook (Zhaumi&Ryeowook)

“Zhaumi-gege love Wookie?” “Ofcause ge love our cute Ryeowook.” “*giggle” Wookie loveee Zhaumi-ge tooo” Ryeowook hug the giggle zhaumi.

3. Kangwook (Kangin&Ryeowook)

Kangin will go to army. “Appaaa won’t forget Wookie ok?” “Appa won’t ever forget my baby” “pinky-promise” “pinky-promise.. take care your umma for appa ok?” “I will” Ryeowook salut and hug Kangin back and make the strong-man cry.

4. Kiwook (Kibum&Ryeowook)

“Kimbummieee I have nightmare..” “uh? Oh wookie. Came here” Ryeowook came and lay on Kibum. Kibum hug Ryeowook protectly and put Ryeowook head on his chess. “What you doing?” “Just reading scrip.” “lully me Kibummieeee” “*giggle*Okkkk” Ryeowook sleep peacefully after Kibum finish.

5. Shinwook (Shindong&Ryeowook)

Ryeowook shock seeing Shindong cooking on the kitchen. “What are you doing Shindong-hyung?” “Cooking” “Cooking?” “Yeahhh! Coz our chef are sick today*weardPOUT*” “*giggle*but you still can ask me hyung, I will always cooking for you.” Very great dongsaeng. Shindong think to himself.

THE END. Okeyyy I know its lame and suck but hope you like it. Mianhe for overloadness KIM RYEOWOOK CUTENESS. Like I said before, I loveee the innocent Wookie.

Payback Time (Part 3)

Payback Time
Length: 3/5
Pairing: KyuWook
Rating: NC-17
Genre: romance, drama, smut, and comedy
Summary: Kim Ryeowook, a 17 year old boy, gets a new job as a maid in an extravagant five-star hotel, and he loves it. He makes new friends along the way, the guests and other employees are extremely nice to him, and best of all, he gets paid! But then one day, everything turns upside down after Ryeowook meets a new guest named Cho Kyuhyun, the president of one of the top modeling agencies of South Korea. While serving him tea, Ryeowook accidentally spills the hot liquid all over his new $1,000 suit. Kyuhyun wants Ryeowook to pay him back, but not with money…
Note/Credit : This is totally 100% NOT MINE! Give full credit to my unnie : http://minholover.livejournal.com/ *Thankx to minholover unnie for giving me permision to continue posting this story*

Oh shit, what does he mean by, “you’re gonna get it tonight?” Is he mad at me for ditching him this morning? Damn, I should’ve never done that! I’m so gonna get it tonight! I wonder what he’s gonna do to me? Wait, is he gonna…*gulps* punish me?! Oh dear God please help this poor unfortunate soul!

A few minutes after Kyuhyun left, Ryeowook decided to take a visit to Leeteuk’s office. He knocks on the door softly until Leeteuk calls for him to enter. Ryeowook strides into his boss’s office and seats himself in a vacant chair in front of Leeteuk. “Ahh Wookie! Nice to see you dongsaeng! What’s up?” The younger male plays with his fingers nervously before saying, “Leeteuk-sshi, I need to tell you something”

Leeteuk frowned and said, “Wookie, you don’t have to be so formal! Call me hyung!” Ryeowook chuckles softly and answers, “Ok Teukie-hyung”

“Good! Now what would you like to talk about? Gossip? Sexy Guys? Me?” Leeteuk asked excitedly. “Well, actually, it’s none of those” Leeteuk let out a disappointed “oh” and asked, “What is it?” Ryeowook sighed and answered, “I have to talk with you about…one of your guests, Cho Kyuhyun.” Leeteuk’s face suddenly lit up. “Cho Kyuhyun? Our best guest?” The maid shot him a puzzled look. “Best guest?”

“Yep! Best guest we ever had! He comes here a lot often to hold fashion shows and meetings in the lounge. And he’s very generous to pay a lot more than what he’s required to pay. A very nice man indeed!” Leeteuk grinned. Hmm really?! I didn’t know that…I always thought that he was a sex-crazed meanie…but then again, I never really got to know his other side…

“So” Leeteuk interrupted Ryeowook’s thoughts, “what is it about Kyuhyun that you want to talk about?” Leeteuk couldn’t help but let a devilish smile creep from his lips. Ryeowook noticed and blushed. “Y-yah! It’s not like that at all!” Ryeowoook went to his boss’s office to complain about the perverted man, but he changed his mind. “Uhh…forget it, I’ll talk about it later…I’m a bit busy at the moment” Ryeowook lied. “Oh, ok then! If you need someone to talk to, I’m always here!” Leeteuk encouraged him. “Haha alright then hyung, I will” Ryeowook promised. He walked out of the room to meet the hyper and innocent Donghae. “Wookie! I’m glad you’re here! So, how’d you handle my shift? Wasn’t that hard right?” Donghae let out a cute yet cheesy smile. “Yeah, about that…what are you doing now?” Ryeowook asked. “Me? I’m about to refill the guests bathrooms with toilet paper” Donghae grimaced as he finished his sentence.

“Perfect!” Ryeowook took hold of Donghae’s wrist and led him into the first guest’s room that was in front of them. He quickly shut the door behind them. “Y-yah Wookie! What are you doi--mmph!!” Ryeowook didn’t want anyone hearing the two of them so he slapped his hand onto his hyung screaming mouth. “SHH!! Be quiet before people hear us dammit!” He whispered hoarsely. After Donghae began to calm down, he removed his hand from the older boy’s face. “*pants* what the heck was that all about?!”

“Sorry Hae-hyung, but I have to tell you something, if you promise not to tell anyone” He said, attracting attention to the boy. “Ooh gossip? Do tell!” Donghae pleaded. “Alright, I’ll tell you…” Ryeowook and Donghae spent half and hour in the guest’s bathroom discussing the older boy’s little adventure with Kyuhyun yesterday. When he finished, Donghae’s mouth was left wide open with shock. “Oh…my…God!! Wookie, I’m so sorry! If I hadn’t asked you to do my errands for me, you wouldn’t be in this fix! I’m so sorry!”

“It’s ok hyung, it’s not your fault. But I have no idea what to do!” Donghae shot up from the toilet seat and shouted, “Here’s what you do! Call the police and file a complaint for sexual harassment!” Ryeowook shook his head vigorously and said, “I can’t! He’s the director one of the most famous modeling in Seoul! Even if I do call the police, he’d probably find a way out and…” Ryeowook let his words trail off as he imagined a torturous punishment he would receive from the scary man.

“Besides…” Ryeowook began, but Donghae cut him off. “Wait!! Don’t tell me…you love that Cho Kyuhyun dude?!” Ryeowook flashed a crimson red and nodded, embarrassed. “Whaaa…? Haha, you really are strange Wookie” Donghae chuckled. “So, did you tell him?”

“Well, I want to, but I don’t know if I should…I mean, what if he’s using me for my body? Uhh, he most likely is, but…ahh, I don’t know…” Donghae rested a warm hand on Ryeowook’s shoulder and lightly patted it. “It’s alright Wookie, who knows? Maybe he might, repeat might, like you too!”

“Hmm…you’re right. Thanks hyung!” he said as he ruffled the older boy’s hair. “I’ll tell him tomorrow or something. I have to go out somewhere soon” Ryeowook glanced at his wristwatch and was appalled to see that it was almost 8:00 PM. “SHIT! Sorry hyung, gotta go!” Ryeowook ran as quickly as his feet could take him towards Kyuhyun’s room. He didn’t bother going back to his own room to change off and such, since he was already late.

When he reached the door, Kyuhyun slammed the door open, pulled Ryeowook inside by his frail arms, and shut the door behind them. Without giving Ryeowook any time to say anything, within a few seconds, Kyuhyun already stripped the both of them of their clothes. “Kyuhyun! Listen, I know you’re mad at me, and I am sorry. But! I think I can make it up to you.” Before Kyuhyun could even pounce on the younger man and heaved a sigh. “Ok then, how?” He asked, his voice husky. “Umm well, I could…uhh…” Ryeowook began to stutter, because really, he couldn’t think of a way to make it up to Kyuhyun. “Ok, time’s up” Kyuhyun said right before he attacked the younger boy on the bed. “Ahh!” They both fell back together with a few pillows surrounding them. Before Ryeowook could protest, he heard a click sound coming from behind him. “What the…” The younger boy looks behind him to see both his wrists cuffed to the bedpost. “NOO! Kyuhyun, uncuff me please!” Ryeowook begged.

“Uh-uh, I don’t think so” Kyuhyun teased while smirking. “I told you that you’re gonna get it tonight and I will make sure that happens.” Ryeowook’s naked body was squirming under Kyuhyun’s and it was turning him on. Kyuhyun bent down and crushed his lips on the younger man’s and forced his tongue into Ryeowook’s mouth. “Mmm…” Ryeowook moaned between their kisses. Kyuhyun ran his fingers from Ryeowook’s neck, to his chest, and finally, to his already hardened member. Kyuhyun pulled away from Ryeowook and stared at him between his legs. The younger boy blushed as he saw what Kyuhyun was staring at.

“Y-yah, don’t stare at me like that” Ryeowook said as he clamped his legs tightly together. But soon Kyuhyun grabbed Ryeowook by his thighs and pulled them apart again. Without warning, he entered Ryeowook tight hole. “Ahh! Kyu! You didn’t prepare me enough!” Ryeowook protested. Kyuhyun replied by saying, “I want to be inside you raw and rough” He began pounding in and out of Ryeowook at a fast pace and the younger boy felt like his cock would be split in two. But it felt good in a way. “Ahh…ahh…” Ryeowook pants harshly as Kyuhyun is thrusting in and out of him. “Y-yah Kyuhyun, slow down…” Ryeowook kept his mouth shut after Kyuhyun gave him a menacing glare. “Did you not just hear what I said?! I said I want to be inside you raw and rough!”

They were both moving at such vigorous speed that Ryeowook feared the bed would break any second. Kyuhyun smirked as he felt Ryeowook hole tighten. He was about to come. “Baby, you aren’t allowed to come until I say so” Kyuhyun said while smirking. “W-what? O-ok, I’ll try” Kyuhyun ignored him and continued thrusting while massaging Ryeowook’s cock. “Ahh…ahh…ungh…AHH!” Ryeowook couldn’t take it anymore and he comes on Kyuhyun’s stomach and on the bed sheets. Kyuhyun shortly comes inside of Ryeowook and pulls out, glaring at the younger man with fury. Ryeowook shivered because of the way the older man was looking at him. “You’ve been a bad boy, not listening and breaking your promise huh?” Kyuhyun asked dangerously. “I…uhh…umm…” Ryeowook stutters again.

Just out of the blue, Ryeowook yelps after feeling something enter his asshole. It feels like a cock, but it isn’t. “This is your punishment, Wookie. I’m gonna set this vibrator on max and you aren’t allowed to come unless I take this out.” Kyuhyun sneakily slips a cock ring around Ryeowook’s throbbing member. “K-Kyuhyun! P-Please d-don’t!” Ryeowook begged. Kyuhyun just chuckled and said, “Well, you should’ve thought about that before you decided to ditch me. Don’t forget that you’re still my slut” Kyuhyun walked out of the room and shut the door. When Ryeowook couldn’t hear his footsteps any longer, he began tugging harshly on his bounded wrists. Damn…it won’t open! Ryeowook panicked. He then whimpered as he felt the vibrator turn on. For the first 2 minutes, it was on slow, and then it was set to max. It was driving Ryeowook crazy, not being able to come. “Ahh! Ahh…ha…ha…ungh…” Ryeowook couldn’t help but moan, this felt too good. *sigh* this is going to be a long night…

Payback Time (Chapter 2)

Payback Time

Length: 2/5

Pairing: Kyuwook

Rating: NC-17

Genre: romance, drama, smut, and comedy

Summary: Kim Ryeowook, a 17 year old boy, gets a new job as a maid in an extravagant five-star hotel, and he loves it. He makes new friends along the way, the guests and other employees are extremely nice to him, and best of all, he gets paid! But then one day, everything turns upside down after Ryeowook meets a new guest named Cho Kyuhyun, the president of one of the top modeling agencies of South Korea. While serving him tea, Ryeowook accidentally spills the hot liquid all over his new $1,000 suit. Kyuhyun wants Ryeowook to pay him back, but not with money…but with?

A/N: Sorry for the short update D: And again, sorry if the smut is too lame T__T Enjoy~!!




Oh my God…I had the worst nightmare ever! I destroyed a man named Kyuhyun’s expensive suit and then I had to repay him by being his slut and…


“AAAAAAAAHH!!” Ryeowook lets a loud scream escape his mouth as he saw a naked Kyuhyun lying next to him on his king-sized bed. Kyuhyun quickly jolted from his sleep after hearing violent noises coming from the young maid.  “W-WHAT HAPPENED?!” Kyuhyun asked loudly over Ryeowook’s screams. Ryeowook jumped out of the bed in fright. He felt a cold breeze brush against his legs and shivered. As he looked down, he gasped to see that his skirt that he was wearing had lifted up, so his entire lower half was exposed. “NO!”


Ryeowook quickly grabbed the blankets away from Kyuhyun and used it to cover his half naked body. Kyuhyun let out a soft chuckle and got up from the bed as well. “D-don’t come near me! I’m warning you!” Kyuhyun ignored the screaming young boy and advanced closer to him. “AHH!” Ryeowook tried to make a run out of the room, but out of his luck, Kyuhyun had caught him and threw him back onto the bed once again.  “Where do you think you’re going?” Kyuhyun asked in an angry tone. “Away from you! This…we’re done!! We’re done with all this nonsense!” Ryeowook gets up again only to be thrown back down on the bed by Kyuhyun. “Babe, we’re far from done. We’ve only just begun.”


 “Ungh…” The impact from Ryeowook’s fall on the bed was hard, and he was a bit dizzy for a few seconds. “No…no…NO!” Kyuhyun jumps onto the bed excitedly and began crawling towards the young boy sexily. Out of nervousness, Ryeowook backed away, until his back bumped against the wall behind him. When Kyuhyun was close enough to the young maid, he leaned towards Ryeowook’s face, until both of their faces were just a few centimeters apart. Out of fear, Ryeowook shut his eyelids tightly. “You’re so fucking sexy” Kyuhyun growled before he cups Ryeowook’s cheeks in his hands and roughly kisses him. “Mmmphmm!!” Ryeowook struggles to push Kyuhyun away even though he knows he’s weaker than the other man. The young maid was squirming against the president, which turned him on even more. Kyuhyun grabbed Ryeowook’s butt cheeks and gave it a hard squeeze. Ryeowook squeaked into the kiss and Kyuhyun smirked.


He began rubbing his cheeks slowly…and to Ryeowook’s surprise, it was turning him on. No…c’mon Wookie, fight it!! Don’t give in to Kyuhyun! “Ahh…” Ryeowook moaned into Kyuhyun’s mouth. The president pulled away from the breathless Ryeowook and moved his hand to the young boy’s member, giving it a light squeeze as well. “Ahh…ahh…” Kyuhyun lets out a devilish smile and asked teasingly, “you’re enjoying this, aren’t you my little slut?” “Ungh…ha…n-no…” Ryeowook tries to suppress his moans, but he just can’t. Kyuhyun to have magical fingers that work wonders. The young man couldn’t hide his sexual excitement anymore.


He switched positions with Kyuhyun. He was now on top and Kyuhyun on the bottom. “Ahh! Ryeowook!” Lying on top of him, Ryeowook began attacking the nape of Kyuhyun’s neck, sucking and biting on it until there were visible purple marks. He then lifts up his head until he was at eye level with Kyuhyun and smirked devilishly.


“Ahh Ryeowook…” Kyuhyun moans while the teen attacks his neck. He travels higher, planting soft kisses on Kyuhyun’s lips. Ryeowook deepens the kiss when he sucks and gently bites on Kyuhyun’s lower lip. Ryeowook slips his tongue into Kyuhyun’s mouth and sweet moans are escaping Kyuhyun’s lips, which is turning Ryeowook on. “Hmm…” Ryeowook can’t wait any longer so he bends down and massages Kyuhyun’s left nipple with his thumb while he lightly sucks on the other one. “Ah…feels so good!” Kyuhyun pants. Ryeowook smirks and sucks on his nipple harder. Kyuhyun moans louder and grabs Ryeowook’s hair. The teen travels lower, grabs Kyuhyun’s manhood, and began licking it, from the base all the way to the tip. “Ungh, stop teasing!” Grabbing Ryeowook’s hair, Kyuhyun pulls him closer to his cock, urging him to suck it.


Ryeowook happily obliges, and sucks Kyuhyun’s cock like a hungry child, making slurping noises. Ryeowook sucks slowly and softly, wanting to taste all of Kyuhyun. He felt like he was in heaven. But the feeling went away when Kyuhyun interrupted his thoughts. “Faster and harder please!” Ryeowook sighs and does what he’s told. He bobs his head up and down as he sucks away. He smiles as he tastes Kyuhyun’s precum seeping out from his cock.


Surprisingly, Kyuhyun flips Ryeowook over and inserts two fingers in his hole. “AHH!” Ryeowook moans excitedly. Kyuhyun smirks and adds another finger, causing an even louder moan to escape Ryeowook’s lips. “AHH!! Enter me now, please!”


“Hold on, let me stretch you a little more…” Kyuhyun begins scissoring his fingers in Ryeowook’s hole, trying to find his prostate. He knew he found it when he heard Ryeowook let out a scream of pleasure. Without warning, Kyuhyun removes his fingers and enters Ryeowook. He thrusts in him slowly at first, not wanting to hurt Ryeowook. But feeling how tight Ryeowook’s hole was, he couldn’t resist. He moves in and out of Ryeowook at a fast pace. Ryeowook screams with pleasure at every thrust. He was close to climaxing, and so was Kyuhyun.


Ryeowook leans towards Kyuhyun’s face and kisses him passionately, while Kyuhyun thrusts in and out of Ryeowook’s hole and pumps the other male’s neglected cock. “Ahh…I’m going to cum!”


“I know! Hold on for a bit, I want us to come together!”


They’re both panting harshly while kissing and thrusting. Soon, they both reach their orgasm, Ryeowook cums on Kyuhyun’s stomach and Kyuhyun comes inside of Ryeowook. Kyuhyun removes his member from Ryeowook’s hole and lies on top of him. They lay there for a few minutes to calm down and regain their breaths. Oh…my…God!! I can’t believe I just did that! I knew it was wrong what I did…but, it felt so right! Don’t tell me…I’m falling in love with Kyuhyun!! Oh gosh!! What’s wrong with your head Wookie?? Oh wait, that jerk Kyuhyun is corrupting it…


Ryeowook looked to his right to see Kyuhyun sound asleep. “Ok, now’s my chance!” Ryeowook quickly changed into his regular clothes and headed out the room. He ran at a fast pace towards his own room, worried that Kyuhyun might have woken up and was following him from behind. As he finally reached his home, he took a long shower, put on his uniform, and left his room to resume his work. “Hey Wookie!” Ryeowook literally jumped in the air, fearing that the voice was Kyuhyun’s. But it was only his boss, Leeteuk. “Yes Teukie hyung?” Ryeowook said as he bowed. “I haven’t seen you all day dongsaeng! Where were you?” Leeteuk asked worriedly and curiously at the same time.


“Uhmm…I was…” Before Ryeowook could even answer, his eyes widened as he saw his worst nightmare behind Leeteuk. “Oh, he was with me. I needed him to help me fix my sink.” Leeteuk smiled at the guest and said cheerfully before walking away, “Ok then! Continue your work Wookie! You’re doing a fine job here!”


Ryeowook smiled at Leeteuk weakly and shifted his eyes to Kyuhyun’s cold stare. He pushed Ryeowook against the wall and the young boy let out a shriek. “My place, same time, no later.” Ryeowook nodded silently without objecting and went to continue his job. However, he literally froze when Kyuhyun came up from behind him and whispered dangerously in his ears, “You’re gonna get it tonight”


Oh shit, what does he mean by, “you’re gonna get it tonight?” Is he mad at me for ditching him this morning? Damn, I should’ve never done that! I’m so gonna get it tonight! I wonder what he’s gonna do to me? Wait, is he gonna…*gulps* punish me?! Oh dear God please help this poor unfortunate soul!


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Payback Time (Chapter 1, part 2)

Payback Time (Chapter 1, part 2)

Length: 1/5

Pairing: Kyuwook, slide!Haewook

Rating: NC-17

Genre: romance, drama, smut, and comedy

Summary: Kim Ryeowook, a 17 year old boy, gets a new job as a maid in an extravagant five-star hotel, and he loves it. He makes new friends along the way, the guests and other employees are extremely nice to him, and best of all, he gets paid! But then one day, everything turns upside down after Ryeowook meets a new guest named Cho Kyuhyun, the president of one of the top modeling agencies of South Korea. While serving him tea, Ryeowook accidentally spills the hot liquid all over his new $1,000 suit. Kyuhyun wants Ryeowook to pay him back, but not with money… but with??


Out of shock, Ryeowook jumped nearly 2 feet away from the other man. “W-what did you just say?”


“You heard me” Ryeowook shook his head in disbelief. “I will not do it! My body is priceless compared to that suit!” Angry, Kyuhyun stepped towards the other man and grabbed his thin wrists roughly. “If you want to keep your precious job, I suggest you fulfill my request.” Ryeowook winced in pain from Kyuhyun’s hold. “Ow! Let go of me!” You’re hurting me!” Ryeowook starts hitting Kyuhyun’s bare chest with his other free hand until he lets go.


Shit, I’m in a real fix…if I don’t do what he says, I could lose my job. And if I do, then I become a manwhore, no, scratch that, HIS manwhore! Having six brothers and sisters, and being the oldest in the family, with a single mom, I desperately need the money. I guess I have no choice…


“Fine, I’ll do it” Ryeowook said defeated in a low voice. “I’m sorry, what was that?” Kyuhyun asked teasingly. “I SAID I’LL DO IT!” Ryeowook screamed louder. Kyuhyun smiled in satisfaction. “Good. Meet me in my room tonight at 8:00, no later. Here’s the number to my room” Kyuhyun handed Ryeowook a small piece of paper. Ryeowook was still in so much shock that he didn’t notice the other man putting on his shirt and walk out of the bathroom.


My God, what have I gotten myself into?! All I did was spill a little friggen tea on him! I even apologized to him so many times! Ryeowook walked back to his own room and stared at the clock nervously, waiting for the it to strike five to eight so he could go over to Kyuhyun’s place and meet his doom. He waited…and waited…and waited…until finally, the clock read, “7:55” on it. Ryeowook got up and walked out into the long hallway slowly, very very slowly. As he reached the other man’s room, he inhaled and exhaled deeply.


“Ok, here goes” Before Ryeowook could knock on the door, he was already pulled into the room by two very powerful arms. “Yah!” The younger man tried to scream, but Kyuhyun quickly covered his mouth. “Shh…people might hear you” The other man waited patiently for Ryeowook to calm down before releasing his hand from his mouth. “Jeez, you scared the shit out of me!”


Kyuhyun let out a soft chuckle. “Sorry about that” he apologized. “Now, go into the back room and change into the clothes I prepared for you on the bed.” Kyuhyun demanded. “Alright” Ryeowook obeyed without objecting. As Ryeowook strode towards the room, he stopped dead in his tracks as Kyuhyun added, “Oh and don’t wear any underwear.” Ryeowook’s eye twitched as he answered sarcastically, “As you wish…” The young man closed the door as he entered the room and neared the king-sized bed. His jaws nearly dropped to the ground as he saw the article of clothing on the soft mattress. “A French maid costume?! Oh hell no!” Ryeowook screamed in his mind.


“*sigh* this is for my brothers and sisters…” Slipping off his pants and boxers, he grabbed the short miniskirt and pulled it up till the band rested on his hips. He looked down and gasped in embarrassment. This skirt is extremely short! It should be against the law to wear such outfits! Ryeowook pulled his shirt off and replaced it with the top to match his skirt. The young boy looked at the mirror and his face began to flush a deep shade of red. He wore a soft black satin skirt with attached full lace petticoat. On the upper body, he wore a black velvet lace-up corset, attached with a white ruffled shirt underneath it,  and attached with  a white apron, a black and white chocker around his neck, and a white laced headband to top it all off. “Hmm…I really look sexy in this outfit…oh gosh! Get it together Ryeowook!” The maid mentally slapped himself for his perverted thoughts. Ryeowook opened the door softly and peered his head out through the crack looking to see if Kyuhyun was still waiting for him on the couch. And he was. “Come on out baby, don’t be shy” Kyuhyun urged him.  


Ryeowook heaved a sigh before advancing out of the room. Kyuhyun turned hard immediately after seeing Ryeowook in the French maid outfit. The other one said in a low and husky voice, “Come over here and sit on my lap facing me” Ryeowook wanted to just escape from this horrible nightmare, but he knew he couldn’t. “Ok,” Ryeowook went over to the other man and sat on his lap, his legs straddled on both sides of Kyuhyun’s waist. Kyuhyun couldn’t take it anymore and lifted up Ryeowook skirt and began fondling with his balls.

“Mmm…” Ryeowook lets out a groan as he felt the other boy fondling with his member. Kyuhyun then massages his cock and gives it gentle strokes. “Hmm…K-Kyuhyun please stop…” the young boy whines.


Kyuhyun smirks as he felt Ryeowook’s cock begin to harden. “But, I don’t think you want me to stop” he teases, smirking. “Uhh…suck me Kyuhyun!” Ryeowook yelled in his high-pitch voice that surprised the both of them“ As you wish” Kyuhyun dips lower to meet Ryeowook’s cock face to face and engulfs his whole member in one go. Ryeowook's precum was already leaking out so Kyuhyun sucks him even faster and harder than before. "Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!" Ryeowook cums and Kyuhyun swallowed up every drop of his cum. Kyuhyun then sneakily moved his hand to the young one’s member and began pumping it slowly and gently. Kyuhyun smile as he heard sweet moans escape Ryeowook’s lips. “Ha…K-Kyuhyun, please stop…” Kyuhyun didn’t listen to him and instead just pumped his cock harder and faster.  


Kyuhyun inserts his two dry fingers into Ryeowook’s hole and the young one let out a scream.


“AHH! Kyuhyun, take it out! It hurts!”


“Its ok baby, I know it hurts. You’ll start enjoying the pain soon, I promise.” Kyuhyun then inserts a third finger and Ryeowook screams even louder. “AHHHHH!!”


Kyuhyun began scissoring Ryeowook and smirked. “Baby, you’re so tight! Have you ever had sex before?” Ryeowook then shakes his head “So I’ll be your first? That makes me so happy” he said smiling and hugging Ryeowook tightly. “By the way, whats your name baby?” Kyuhyun ask. “R-Ryeowook” “Ryeowook? Ermm sweet sweet name” Kyuhyun wisper to Ryeowook ears, make him blush. Kyuhyun grabbed both sides of Ryeowook’s waist as he inserted his throbbing member into his. “AHH! It hurts!” Ryeowook wailed. “I know, I know, it’ll be ok.” said Kyuhyun soothingly. Kyuhyun didn’t want to begin his thrusting yet so that Ryeowook could get used to the pain.


After about a minute or so, Kyuhyun steadied himself below Ryeowook and soon he began thrusting in and out, fast and hard, causing Ryeowook to scream at every thrust. Starting to feel his climax coming, he began pounding into Ryeowook faster. “Ah…ah…Ryeowook!!” Kyuhyun shortly spilled his hot seed inside of Ryeowook and some excess running down his thighs. A few seconds later, Ryeowook comes on Kyuhyun’s stomach. Panting like crazy, he collapsed on top of Kyuhyun. What have I gotten myself into?!


THE END! The end? FOR PART 1 OFCAUSE! THEY WILL BE ANOTHER 4 PART! STAYYY TUNED! HAHA. Sex number 1 is done! What do you think? Maybe they will be sex on every chapter? Wauuu IM SO PERVENT! HAHAHAHA

Payback Time (Chapter 1, part 1)

Payback Time (Chapter 1, part 1)

Length: 1/5

Pairing: Kyuwook, slide!Haewook

Rating: NC-17

Genre: romance, drama, smut, and comedy

Summary: Kim Ryeowook, a 17 year old boy, gets a new job as a maid in an extravagant five-star hotel, and he loves it. He makes new friends along the way, the guests and other employees are extremely nice to him, and best of all, he gets paid! But then one day, everything turns upside down after Ryeowook meets a new guest named Cho Kyuhyun, the president of one of the top modeling agencies of South Korea. While serving him tea, Ryeowook accidentally spills the hot liquid all over his new $1,000 suit. Kyuhyun wants Ryeowook to pay him back, but not with money… but with??

NOTE: Just wanna tell you that, on this story Kyuhyun is older than Ryeowook. Maybe 2 or 3 years older. *Mianhe, I’ll just always think that Kyuhyun is older than our Baby Wookie. Haha. So enjoy ok! And and COMMENT AREEE LOVE! Saranghae!*


“Hey Wookie, I need to ask you a favor” Donghae said with an innocent smile painted across his face. “Sure what’s up hyung?” Ryeowook was busying himself by dusting the furniture in a messy occupied room. Donghae hesitated a little before asking, “Would you mind taking the rest of my shift today?” Ryeowook stopped all his actions and looked up at the older boy with a raised eyebrow.


“And why, may I ask?”


“Well, I have to go home to feed my nephew some dinner, but I can’t just leave my shift. I really need the money Wookie.” Donghae explained with tears welling up in his eyes. Ryeowook stepped towards Donghae, giving him a warm smile and a pat on the back. “Of course I’ll do it hyung. I was just curious to know why” The older boy hugged Ryeowook tightly, his arms literally squeezing the life out of his waist. “Oh thank you Wookie!” Donghae exclaimed happily.


Ryeowook let out a chuckle and returned the hug. “What are friends for? Now, can you please let go of me? I can’t breath!”


“Oh, haha sorry!” Donghae quickly lets go and instructs the younger boy what job he has to do. “Well, all you have to do really is just clean up a few rooms here and there, and oh, there’s also a meeting going on in the lounge. Everyone is probably thirsty, so it’s your job to make them satisfied by serving them tea. And I think that’s all for now!” Donghae said.


“So, what kind of meeting is going on there?” Ryeowook asked, his curiosity getting the better of him. “Err…not too sure, but I hear a man named Cho Kyuhyun is attending. “Hmm…Cho Kyuhyun huh?” ‘Sounds like a boyish name.’ Ryeowook thought to himself. “So yeah, I’ll be going now ok? Bye!” And thanks again dongsaeng!” Ryeowook went to see him off and then went to do Donghae’s errands.

He started off by cleaning up the last two rooms on the ground floor, and once he finished, he heads off to towards the cafeteria and prepares the tea for all the guests in the lounge. He gathers all the cups, water, tea leaves, and sugar, and walks with a large tray slowly towards the lounge. He knocks on the door softly before entering.


“Annyonhasaeyo!” Ryeowook greeted everyone in a loud voice. But his face soon flushed the deepest shade of red as everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at the young boy. “Ermm…tea anyone?” Ryeowook asked while his voice was a bit shaky.


Then all at once everyone shouted, “Oh me! I’d like some please!” Ryeowook was happy to see that everyone had stopped staring at him and welcomed him in. Everyone except a handsome but straight-faced man sitting at the head of the table. As Ryeowook finished serving everyone, he went up to the dashing young man shyly. “Umm…excuse me sir, would you like some tea?”


He asked without lifting his gaze. “Yeah, I guess so” he answered coolly. “Ok then…” the young maid pours the hot water into the container, adds the tea leaves and sugar, and as he handed the cup to him, it slipped out of his hands and the hot liquid spilled all over the president’s body. Ryeowook let out a loud gasp and so did everyone else. The young man quickly jumped out of his seat and yelped with excruciating pain. “Ahh! It burns!” Ryeowook quickly grabs a napkin from the table and began to sap up the mess on the older man. “Oh my God! Sir I’m so sorry, I--″


The maid’s words were cut off as the president shot out a hand. “Maybe we should do this in the bathroom. Excuse me everyone.” As the older man grabs at Ryeowook’s wrist tightly, they both walk briskly towards the restroom. As they entered, the president quickly pulled off his jacket. “You know, this suit cost me a lot of money. One thousand dollars to be exact.” The older man said in a stern voice. “A-a thousand dollars?!” Ryeowook exclaimed in shock.


The older man ignored him and began stripping himself of his shirt. “Listen sir, I’m so sorry, I don’t know how, but I’ll pay you back for the suit!” Ryeowook promised solemnly. He was so worried about what he’s done to the president that he didn’t notice the other man taking off his clothes. “Y-yah! What are you doing sir-?!” Ryeowook’s words were cut off when the older man pressed his lips against his. The younger boy struggled against the president, but he soon gives up as he realizes that the other man was too strong.


The president pulls away from him roughly and they are both panting harshly. “*pants* from now on, you will address me as Kyuhyun, not sir. And second, I don’t want you to pay me back with money." Kyuhyun smirked. Pulling himself together, Reowook asked “Then how should I pay you back?” Kyuhyun smiled devilishly as he whispered dangerously in Ryeowook’s ears, “give me your body”


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