One True Pairing

Kyuhyun x Ryeowook

Akma Nafeera
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This journal is dedicated to all Super Junior fans out there and fanfictions.

my OTPs are: KYUWOOK!, Yewook, Haewook, Henwook, Minwook (YeahYeah all pairing for my WOOKIE!)


my fave boy groups: Super Junior, SS501, Shinee, DBSK,

my fave girl groups: SNSD, Wonder girl


In my next life, I won’t love all of you.
Because in my next life, I won’t be an ELF anymore.
In my next life, there won’t be ELF.
There won’t be Super Junior.
In the next live, I only wish you were yourselves.

No more Super Junior Leeteuk,
Only the privately quiet and delicate leeder, Park Jungsoo.
No more Super Junior Heechul,
Only the loud but suprising Cinderella, Kim Heechul.
No more Super Junior Sungmin,
Only the one who can be cute to make his parents happy, Lee Sungmin.
No more Super Junior Donghae,
Only the one who works so hard for his father’s dream, Lee Donghae.
No more Super Junior Hankyung,
Only the gentle and thoughtful one who makes delicious fried rice, Hangeng.
No more Super Junior Eunhyuk,
Only the one whho shows all his gums as he smile widely, Lee Hyukjae.
No more Super Junior Yesung,
Only the one who has an artistic voice, Kim Jongwoon.
No more Super Junior Kibum,
Only the one who plays his PSP so much that he forgets tp eat, Kim Kibum.
No more Super Junior Ryeowook,
Only the cute and shy one who has a heavenly voice, Kim Ryeowook.
No more Super Junior Kangin,
Only a glib-tongued one who likes drinking, Kim Youngwoon.
No more Super Junior Siwon,
Only the one who has a princely air about him yet likes skinship, Choi Siwon.
No more Super Junior Shindong,
Only the one who doesn’t look very eye-catching but is full of talent, Shin Donghae.
No more Super Junior Kyuhyun,
Only the one who can show a bright and evil smile, Cho Kyuhyun.

Not Super Junior a group,
One life of Super Junior is enough.
Let all the love and charm be used up in this life,
Not leaving anymore for next time.
All those unnecessary times and things will pass..
Be the individuals you all used to be.

There won’t be Super Junior,
No more massive amount of fans surrounding you.
No mores bodyguard protecting you.
No more unnecessary discussions or rumours
You can be free to do what you want.
To love who you want to love.
You don’t have to cover up just to go for a walk in the park.
You can walk hand in hand with your girlfriends, eating cake together, watching movies together.
You will watch concerts with your family,
But then it will be someone else on stage, not Super Junior anymore.

When that time comes, you won’t have to stay up at nights,
You won’t have just 2 or 3 hours of sleep due to packed schedules,
All of you can eat well, sleep well..
When that time comes,
You won’t have backaches from long hours rehearsing dances,
Won’t leave bruises and injuries on your young bodies.
You won’t have to say things like
“Once the camera is on, I have to change from Park Jungsoo to Leeteuk,
Super Junior Leader, and I have to show only the best to everyone.”

When that time comes, even if you’ve injured yourself,
You will be made to rest.
And you won’t have to grit your teeth through performances just for the fans.
When that time comes, you won’t be the Super Junior that has thousands of people cheering for you.

But as for now, you are Super Junior that belongs to ELF.
This is something that cannot be changed.
All ELF can do for you is :
Love you, love you and love you very very much.
We will do our best in loving you.
Because in the next life,
My world won’t consist of Super Junior,
Super Junior won’t exist anymore.

In this life, I will love you with all I can.
In this life, let ELF love you will all we can.
In the next life, please live a life that belongs to you..
In the next life, I won’t love all of you, really.
Because in the next life there won’t be Super Junior,
We will use all the love we have in this life to love you.

However, if in my next life, Super Junior still exists,
I will still choose to become an Ever Lasting Friends (ELF).